Forgotten (wine) Cave

Brace yourself, spring is coming! With cold and snow. Time to stay near the fireplace, and listen to old tales about dices and lead adventures. Once upon a time (about two hours ago), there was a dark dungeon infested by Orcs and skeletons.... While centuries were flowing like a river, walls were printed and painted in the … Continue reading Forgotten (wine) Cave


Honey &Bees Part 4: In the Hall of the Mountain King

We meet with our adventurers again. Dovakhin the mighty warrior, Nazbrock the Blacksmith Enchanter, Medoc Chambertain the bard, and Lagrippe the thief. It's been a few days of walk since they avoided the battle between dwarfs of Zurich and the Empire's lost expedition. Their search for Wild Honey was laborious and vain, no bees sighted. … Continue reading Honey &Bees Part 4: In the Hall of the Mountain King

Honey & Bees Part 3: An Intermezzo

Part 1 and 2 here: Our heroes have discovered an apiary full of wild honey, quickly used for a wolf meat feast. They must now cross the Long Rocher mountain foothills. A flock of bird suddenly fly as the sound of a distant battle ring in the air. Calciumo, the great wizard of … Continue reading Honey & Bees Part 3: An Intermezzo

Dwarves of Zu-rich

A very slow work on Schneerim. Painted some dwarves. There's no such small people living in the "Skyrim" game but things are not the same in real Schneerim world. The Dwarves of Zu-rich are deeply mining for precious metals in the moutains. They are the undoubted masters of crossbow shooting (story tell that it is … Continue reading Dwarves of Zu-rich

Honey & Bees: Part 2, Dance with the Wolves

Part 1 here: Our adventurers crossed the bridge and came into a narrow valley surrounded by high cliffs. They must find Wild Honey to heal the voice of the singer Castafiora. Here's an overall view of the valley, the adventurers will progress from left to right. ...and Nazbrock the Forgesort, Dovakhin the Warrior, Medoc Chambertain … Continue reading Honey & Bees: Part 2, Dance with the Wolves