7TV technical scenery

A great film always need great scenery, and great scenery take a long time to be built. Using mainly 15mm figures and accessories, my new 7TV set was a little bit naked. As a very lazy model maker, the 28mm scenery is a punishment: think about longs hours of cutting your fingers assembling cardboard, having … Continue reading 7TV technical scenery


O.N.E Shot Twice

Somewhere near London, august 1969. The O.N.E. (Overly Nefarious Evil) bought a chemical plant, their horrible project is to destroy the English spirit by replacing the Five o'clock tea by a toxic beverage made with bubbles and sugar: the Caco Cola.  A O.N.E's success would be the end of Britannia, the crows would flee from the … Continue reading O.N.E Shot Twice

Control Room

Every Master of the World need some complex computers and office tools, a Space Laser or a Coffee machine can't be properly used without a control room full of blinking lights. I have a contract for the ONE (Overly Nefarious Evil leaded by No 2 - the Prof. Stormveisung), to produce a line of high … Continue reading Control Room

Low budget TV production

Teardropworlds present: A Broke & Poor production, featuring the (in)famous international spy James Blond in..... Producing a film is too expensive for the most of us, especially films with a lot of action and exotic locations. I have been keeping an eye on the rule set from Crooked Dice -  7TV - from some years, … Continue reading Low budget TV production